Moisture Detecting Equipment

As we receive each claim that comes through to us we have to carry out an initial survey. Whether the claim relates to Fire, Flood or Accidental damage. When we are dealing with Water damage related claims all our technicians… Continue Reading →

Target Drying Walls

As per the article reference ‘Target Drying Floors’ this method can also be used to dry affected walls. This is also an excellent method of drying and serves as a great tool to use where it is permitted. As with… Continue Reading →

Health & Safety

As a top supplier of Flood and Fire restoration in the South west it is imperative that we adhere strongly to health and safety standards. This is mainly evidenced through our yearly accreditation with the Safe Contractor scheme. On top… Continue Reading →

Target Drying Floor Areas

In certain cases we can dry just the floors affected using various techniques and specialist drying equipment. This method can drastically reduce drying times by drying just the wet floor and not any other building materials within the same space…. Continue Reading →

Plastic Sheeting to Protect Contents & Unaffected Areas

We can use plastic sheeting for various applications in the drying programme. One method we commonly use this for is to create a dust barrier. This enables work and drying areas to remain separate from non affected areas of the… Continue Reading →

Specialist Equipment to Dry Sub Floor Structural Building Materials

If your property sufferers an Escape of Water and the type of floor is a suspended timber floor we may be able to use specialist drying equipment to dry all sub floor structural timbers and Block or Brick work without… Continue Reading →

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